Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This seems incredibly uneven.

Well, I did a quick head count, and there are enough Sea Monkey’s to pretty much start calling themselves a little civilization.

We are the borg.
Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.
Resistance is futile.

Well…there’s about 100 of them anyways. Happy little fat friends kicking around in the water!!
The Aqua Dragon tank on the other hand…

Most are bunched up down in the bottom right - but I marked out the couple that were ACTUALLY present for the family photo. See them? SEE THEM? I SWEAR I’M NOT JUST FEEDING A CUP OF WATER.

Maaaaybe has enough bro’s to start a decently sized boy band. But eeeeven then, no one would wanna get sick.
I’m pondering the potential idea of moving some of the ‘hord’ to the Aqua Dragon tank, but I’m scared I’ll hurt someone in the process :(

I would also just like to add, the lack of happy little fresh water life is NOT a reflection on the Aqua Dragon’s company themselves - the tank fell over prior to their hatching, so I’m actually impressed I have any little friends in there at all!! (Last count, there was about 10)

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