Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Great Tank Fall of 2014

So, seeing as NEITHER of my tanks have shown any signs of life - I thought maybe it was lack of sun.
I promptly transported both tanks to the kitchen and gave them a spot by the window to get some fresh air and sunlight.

Tragedy struck when a particularly large gust of wind came through the window, and the little Aqua Dragons tank couldn’t take the beating and tipped over.

Goodbye my little friends. I lost you before I even knew you. So, off I went to obtain replacement dragons.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this little set. It comes with literally everything BUT a tank.

That’s brilliant for those building their own tanks/reusing ones they’ve had as kids etc etc. I haven’t actually opened this, as I attempted to save the 1/3 of remaining liquid in the AD tank by topping up the water with the same bottle I filled it with originally.

 Not going to hold my breath that anyone survived - but, we shall see. Day 2 Summary: Still no tiny creatures to talk to in either tank.

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