Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fresh Water and Feeding Time!

I would like to correct a previous comment I made about my little 'fresh water friends'. As correctly pointed out by , they are not in fact fresh water animals!

But, and to be honest, I don't know a lot about the little Artemia Salina bros, but how do the Aqua Dragons work in a container of bottled water - without any purifier?
TOTALLY confusing. Hahah.

When I hatched my two tanks, I obviously ended up with a packet of Sea Monkey Food and a packet of Dragon food. I was going to use one, and leave the other sealed until needed - BUT,
I've decided to use them with their respective tanks to see if the food seems to make any difference at all to how successfully they grow.

Side note: Those who are used to the overwhelmingly fishy smell of Sea Monkey's green food, might be surprised by the Aqua Dragons. It's kind of a mild toasted fish smell and a ... khaki? tan? pale something colour.

Let the feeding begin!!

This seems incredibly uneven.

Well, I did a quick head count, and there are enough Sea Monkey’s to pretty much start calling themselves a little civilization.

We are the borg.
Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.
Resistance is futile.

Well…there’s about 100 of them anyways. Happy little fat friends kicking around in the water!!
The Aqua Dragon tank on the other hand…

Most are bunched up down in the bottom right - but I marked out the couple that were ACTUALLY present for the family photo. See them? SEE THEM? I SWEAR I’M NOT JUST FEEDING A CUP OF WATER.

Maaaaybe has enough bro’s to start a decently sized boy band. But eeeeven then, no one would wanna get sick.
I’m pondering the potential idea of moving some of the ‘hord’ to the Aqua Dragon tank, but I’m scared I’ll hurt someone in the process :(

I would also just like to add, the lack of happy little fresh water life is NOT a reflection on the Aqua Dragon’s company themselves - the tank fell over prior to their hatching, so I’m actually impressed I have any little friends in there at all!! (Last count, there was about 10)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

They're multiplying!

Woah, I now have A LOT of little bros to talk to.

Not sure if you can tell the difference between just particles in the water and my actual tiny floating friends, but they’re there!!

Tried to take a magnified photo…

Notes for life:
Sea Monkey magnifiers will NOT turn your phones camera into a macro lens. Lesson learned.

I think these little guys must like the sound or vibration of my typing - as I brought them back to my desk once the sun was gone and they all come to this side of the tank when I’m using the computer.

Hello little buddies. What’s that? You want a facebook page?
Not until you’re older and you can appreciate the dangers of online social networking.
Tssk. These guys
*head shake*

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Little Life Update

Ok so as it currently stands here is how the two tanks are going at the end of Day 2.  

Sea Monkeys:
- Added the eggs too early, but I now have 15 successfully hatched little bros

Aqua Dragons:
- Tipped off of the kitchen window cill and spilt 2/3 of the contents all over the bench.
- Refilled the water using the water bottle they originally had their tank filled from.
- Took a little bit of water from the Sea Monkey tank and added to the Aqua Dragon Tank
- Added eggs from a Camera Film Canister I had put eggs in 15 years ago that had been chilling in my ward-drobe.

 Needless to say, if the Aqua Dragon tank spawns any life, I will not only be shocked, but afraid that they’re going to be mutants.
If I post on here in a week that I have a tank that spawned the Krakken, or that my Aqua Dragons are suiting up to go on missions and one of them shoots laser beams from his eyes … you’ll know what’s up.

 EDIT: Prepare yourselves. It's life Jim, but not as we know it.

It's happeing!

Ok ok, so after much impatient waiting and crying and begging and whatever else…the Sea Monkey tank has a singular little bro.

I realise this photo is really unlikely to SHOW you the bro, but he’s there! I promise!!

Also, I have developed an easy tank hunting technique - as was implemented in the above photo. If you hold a torch into the side of the tank, you can light up the particles in the water and check out the detail! Nifty.  

EDIT: HUZZAH! Things are happening!! I now have 4 newly hatched little bros!

The Great Tank Fall of 2014

So, seeing as NEITHER of my tanks have shown any signs of life - I thought maybe it was lack of sun.
I promptly transported both tanks to the kitchen and gave them a spot by the window to get some fresh air and sunlight.

Tragedy struck when a particularly large gust of wind came through the window, and the little Aqua Dragons tank couldn’t take the beating and tipped over.

Goodbye my little friends. I lost you before I even knew you. So, off I went to obtain replacement dragons.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this little set. It comes with literally everything BUT a tank.

That’s brilliant for those building their own tanks/reusing ones they’ve had as kids etc etc. I haven’t actually opened this, as I attempted to save the 1/3 of remaining liquid in the AD tank by topping up the water with the same bottle I filled it with originally.

 Not going to hold my breath that anyone survived - but, we shall see. Day 2 Summary: Still no tiny creatures to talk to in either tank.

Just add water!

I obtained myself a bottle of room temperature water, filled to the indicated line and bravely poured in the eggs.

I’ll admit it. This is pretty DAMNED fancy with the lights on.
Fingers crossed people! I intend to be the proud leader of an army of transparent beings by tomorrow!

On a slight other note, here is a comparison of Sea Monkeys packets & Feeding spoon, versus Aqua Dragons packets & Feeding spoon.

Above: Sea Monkeys Packet’s 2 & 3. Not pictured is the Water Purifier (1) 

Above: Aqua Dragons packets Eggs & Food.

I don’t know if you have ever, like me, accidentally touched one of the Sea Monkey packets after playing with the tank and inadvertently gotten them wet? But they absorb moisture which destroys the contents.

 Even though I’m not a massive fan of the packets DESIGN on the Aqua Dragons, these are robust water proof feeling little baggies.
I approve, Aqua Dragon people - I approve.