Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Little Life Update

Ok so as it currently stands here is how the two tanks are going at the end of Day 2.  

Sea Monkeys:
- Added the eggs too early, but I now have 15 successfully hatched little bros

Aqua Dragons:
- Tipped off of the kitchen window cill and spilt 2/3 of the contents all over the bench.
- Refilled the water using the water bottle they originally had their tank filled from.
- Took a little bit of water from the Sea Monkey tank and added to the Aqua Dragon Tank
- Added eggs from a Camera Film Canister I had put eggs in 15 years ago that had been chilling in my ward-drobe.

 Needless to say, if the Aqua Dragon tank spawns any life, I will not only be shocked, but afraid that they’re going to be mutants.
If I post on here in a week that I have a tank that spawned the Krakken, or that my Aqua Dragons are suiting up to go on missions and one of them shoots laser beams from his eyes … you’ll know what’s up.

 EDIT: Prepare yourselves. It's life Jim, but not as we know it.

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